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apernet route filtering algorithm
apernet filters customer routes with the following algorithm:

1. reject if first asn is not customer.
2. reject if the last asn is not in customer's as-set.
3. reject if one of the transit-free asns is found in as-path.
4. reject if the prefix is not in the prefix list genereted from as-set.
5. reject if the prefix is bogon.
6. reject if one of the bogon asns is found in as-path.
7. reject if rpki roa invalid.
8. accept.

apernet filters export to upstreams and peers with the following algorithm:

1. reject if the route was received from other peers or upstreams.
2. reject if no-export to peer-as community is set.
3. prepend apernet's asn for n times if prepend-n to peer-as community is set.
4. accept.

filters are updated every day at 00:24 hong kong time. if you are in urgent,
feel free to drop an email to to have your filters refreshed
manually. check `as-lists' and `prefix-lists' folder for current filters.

prefix limts are fetched from peeringdb. the prefix limits on peeringdb plus
ten (10) will be configured as the session import limits. if there's no
peeringdb entry, the default value of ten (10) will be used.

to see a list of filtered routes and the reasons, check `bgp-filtered.txt.' to
see session status, check `customer-sessions.txt.' these files are updated
every minute; see `timestamp.txt' for the timestamp of the last update.

if you believe your route has been incorrectly filtered out, drop an email to, mentioning your asn and prefix.

apernet route propagation control communities
use the following communities to control route export from apernet to upstream
and peers:

38008:6000X, where X := {
  0: no-export to any,
  1: no-export to route servers,
  2: no-export to direct peers
  3: no-export to transits

use the following communities to control route import:

38008:5000X, where X := {
  0: set local-perf 0,
  1: set local-perf 10,
  2: set local-perf 20,
  3: set local-perf 30,
  4: set local-perf 40,
  5: set local-perf 50

apernet uses the following default local-prefs:

local_pref = {
   5: transit (backup),
  10: transit (default),
  15: transit (premium) | peer (backup),
  20: route servers,
  30: peer (default),
  40: customer

apernet tags routes leared as follow:

38008:10X, where X := {
  0: originated by apernet,
  1: learned from route server,
  2: learned from direct peer,
  3: learned from transit providers,
  4: learned from customer